They were really in love. And they were the kind of couple the envy of everyone just went hand in hand down a street. My basis for believing in them is ... ok ... I do not have a base. But take a moment to think, open your heart and your mind and go over what people say you'll discover the most beautiful feeling of all, it was the feeling they had for each other, the love. But nothing is perfect and with the time the fairy tale began to crumble, but it was not forever, there were more than four years of fighting and new beginnings, but sadly, it fell apart. But for me, they loved to the last second, and will love forever, not physically, because it would not be possible, but internally, because inside this love will never fade.

For all MJ and LMP fans. |  having presley jackson feelings

Love is not a fight
But it's something worth fighting for.
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Life is changing around us every where we go
We’ve seen some brighter days but now there’s rain inside
You felt so right there by my side
And now you say you will go away

I’ll find a way to keep you closer,day after day
Your love for me will not be over, I’ll help you stay.

mind-isthemagic asked: Eu poderia ficar horas aqui no seu Tumblr (e fico), é tudo tão lindo. Obrigada por fazer esse blog uma coisa magnífica, adjbda e o gif da sidebar é a coisa mais linda desse mundo. *-*

Awwwwnnnn, vlw mesmo ^^.

Aquele gif é muito fofo *OOOO*